The final word on custom login and signup pages

As you are of course aware, users ask for help authoring a custom login and signup page often:

There are a range of sophistications among these users. To some extent, you acknowledge, people receive a design for a sign-up and login page, and they have to implement it, and the net result is they just enable Direct Grants, the least secure of all options, for the login page. And who knows how they do sign-up - probably through the Keycloak Admin interface.

I think it’s worth writing a guide for this particular scenario: Authoring a custom sign-up and login page. Otherwise someone is going to write this guide with Direct Grants.

Do you have an opinion about how Keycloak-JS users should store tokens? Apparently not, so people will use localStorage.

I don’t think it looks good for RedHat to operate under the “the fastest way to get an answer on the Internet is to say something wrong” approach. It’s immature and reactive. Please, I’m begging you, create a guide for the basic use of Keycloak that doesn’t involve its hideous themes.


While I second everything you say, this is “only” a community forum. Red Hatters very rarely read and write here.
Maybe one of the mailing lists or a Jira issue would be a better way to get this started.

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Totally agree that it’s a bit of the wild west when you ask about it on this forum. I have tried to field questions like this by suggesting people start with a template (mine):

And pointing them to projects that facilitate the building of a theme using modern web development libraries (React):

I have found that there are a non-trivial number of guides around the internet of various quality and recency, but there isn’t a great, “definitive” guide out there. My approach to this forum, and the Keycloak community, has been to identify gaps like this, and try to fill them in myself. You’ve identified an important hole in Keycloak’s documentation. Do you have some ideas of positive steps we (the community, not RedHat) could take to fill it?