The PolicyRepresentation schema is missing role property, used for updating role based policy

{type: "role", logic: "POSITIVE", decisionStrategy: "UNANIMOUS", name: "Test policy",…}
decisionStrategy: "UNANIMOUS"
logic: "POSITIVE"
name: "Test policy"
roles: [{id: "dcd91634-b0d2-4656-b68b-a00acc1060fx"}]
0: {id: "dcd91634-b0d2-4656-b68b-a00acc1060fx"}
type: "role"

Above model is used for updating a role based policy and it works through API. The same payload is sent from the keycloak admin portal as well to update role based policy.
Also for instance to update I tried sending in roles under the config property, but that doesn’t work.

Seems like the documentation needs to be updated with the correct model. Let me know if my understanding is correct.