To get user details of specific users


I am using keycloak 17.0.0.
For user’s basic details(name,email id etc.,) we can make use of information from either access token or id token.
But if the application has some kind of activity logging, in those cases it’s ideal to be able to see at least the full name and email of other user.
Example: John Doe modified some x data
But the issue I have is that John Doe isn’t the current logged in user. So at max on the application side all that I would know is the uid of the user John Doe.


  • How can something like accessing the basic user details of other user(other than the logged in user’s) be done?. I would probably need name and email. Also is it possible to retrieve multiple such users details in a single call to keycloak?
  • Though on the application side the user could have required privileges, on keycloak the user could be without any special privileges

Any advices on achieving this or a best practice solution is much appreciated !!
Thank you in advance…

Hi all, can someone please share their thoughts on the above query? Thanks!