Unable to authenticate argocd to keycloak

I have argocd.dev.local:8443 and keycloak.dev.local:8443
When I attempt to login to argo using keycloak I receive the following error.

Failed to query provider "https://keycloak.dev.local:8443/auth/realms/shiftup": Get "https://keycloak.dev.local:8443/auth/realms/shiftup/.well-known/openid-configuration": dial tcp: lookup keycloak.dev.local on no such host

I can curl https://keycloak.dev.local:8443/auth/realms/shiftup/.well-known/openid-configuration
and it returns the correct openid-configuration. I can curl the realm as well and it returns the correct information.

For some reason though it’s the GET from the tcp: lookup not giving me the proper port back and I think that’s my only issue. I’ve looked through all of my config maps, etc and I followed the how-to on the argocd document for setting up keycloak with it.

What am I doing wrong here?

There is any fix for this ? I am also having the same problem.

Something I notice is that when I was using separeted ingress controller it works fine, now I have just one controller for both keycloak and argocd ( they have the same external ip but diferent self sign certificates ).