Unable to checkout tags greater than 9.0.0 from a git clone of Keycloak GitHub repo


I used to clone keycloak/keycloak git repo locally and checkout the tag of the keycloak version we’re based on in production. This helps me investigate how the things works in keycloak and debug .

Since version 10 and above its not possible anymore because the git tag seems to have been created from a fork of the official keycloak project.
For instance, for the commit that correspond to version 10.0.2 , I’ve got this error (sorry for the french message :wink: , it just means the reference is not a tree )

git checkout 5fe6184ac493fa27d1c46cca62c0adbc4a1bf622
fatal: la référence n'est pas un arbre : 5fe6184ac493fa27d1c46cca62c0adbc4a1bf622

And, looking in GitHub, it displays

Can someone give me a tip to workaround this issue ?


 git fetch --all --tags
 git checkout tags/10.0.2
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thx . I did try fetch --all but forget the --tags