Unable to Import Client with SAML XML Metadata - 19.0

In previous versions, such as 16.x, when you create a Client, you could import a SAML Metadata, which is in XML format. We have not moved to 19.x and that is no longer available. It looks like you can only upload it if it is in JSON format. Is there a reason being able to upload a XML SAML Metadata is removed? Or is there a converter that can easily be used? Almost every application I have come across gives you an XML file for the metadata. Please advise.

This is a bug in the new admin UI. Could you please report an issue in Keycloak GitHub Issues?

To workaround this issue, switch the admin console UI into the old one (keycloak rather than keycloak.v2) in Realm settings → Themes → Admin Console Theme and import the client there

Reported as Unable to Import Client with SAML XML Metadata · Issue #3041 · keycloak/keycloak-admin-ui · GitHub