Unknow_error -> how to understand better?


I use Keycloak Java Api 6.0.1 with Keycloak server 7.0.0

The problem is I cannot understand the error :

As you can see on picture the error cannot be understand {“error”:“unknown_error”}
There is no logs about this error (even with log level debug)

Any idea ?

You have status code. 403 = forbbiden - probably you don’t have permissions to perform requested action.

Hello @jangaraj

How can I know the reason ?

It will be easier if Keycloak log more informations

So did you check Keycloak logs?

It’s very strange because I can login but not register

No message error and no logs

curl -X PUT “https://my.app/api/register” -H “accept: /” -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d “{“email”:“me@my.app”,“password”:“0.bgz2czydebi”,“firstName”:“M”,“lastName”:“N”,“company”:“TTT”,“phone”:“0697979779”}”