Update password required - for user Rest API

hi I have a wrapper rest API over keycloak which I allow users to login.
if the user is set in keycloak to require update password.
The login fails with the account is not set up completely error.

I noticed that when the user tried to login to GUI it showed you must update password form and that calls an API that requires a session.

Is there a way \ rest API I can use to allow the user to update its password, without a valid browser session? only VIA rest API?

I know there is an API to reset user password but it requires you to have admin credentials and to know the user id. I want the user itself to be able to update its own password.

And can I get the user required actions in rest API?

Keycloak 12.0.4.

Maybe have a look at : Keycloak Admin REST API

and KeycloakRestAPI

This requires you to know the user id, and to be login already with admin credentials

for security reason either the user has to be logged in or your need some admin credentials…