UPDATE_PROFILE event occur without Details information

Hello everyone,

I’m implementing a calling 3rd party service base on Keycloak event extension.
Here is the issue and i’m not sure how to fix it.

  • Goto account client of any realm.
  • Login with your user name and password.
  • Update First Name or Last Name.
  • UPDATE_PROFILE event is fired in the console

Expected: UPDATE_PROFILE should include detailsJson or UserRepresentation to tell you First Name or Last Name had changed from which to which.

Actual: UPDATE_PROFILE doesn’t have any information about FirstName and LastName changes.


  • If you update email then EMAIL_UPDATED event is fired with all necessary information.
  • If Admin actively update user’s information then you have all necessary information.
  • All configurations for Events is configured properly.

Tuan Do

hello anyone have an idea about this?