Update users attributes using the API


I’ve used the KeyCloak API to create users in batch mode.
I’ve created thousands of users without any problem.
I was asked to update these users with different attributes.
It works well for few users but then I get an error message like “timeout has expired” for the others.
I also tried with the DELETE function and got the same behavior.

Is there a way to treat user UPDATE and/or DELETE in “batch mode”

Thanks for your help



What is the exact error that you are getting? It sounds like your access token is just expiring. You can get another with the refresh token.

I don’t know of a batch way to update or delete users.

Hi xgp!
Thanks for your answer.
It’s not a matter of access token.
Talking about a batch way, I mean for instance read some information in a database table and update the users attributes using this data.
I did this to create users (several thousands and it works), but for the update and delete method it does not.