UpdateToken() method does not refresh the access token

Hi all,

Need help in below faced issue in the implementation of Keycloak redirection in flutter web application.

Flutter Package Used : keycloak_flutter | Flutter Package

Above package has used Keycloak JS adapter implementation. to achieve keycloak redirection in flutter web application using below reference.

Reference : Securing Applications and Services Guide

Describe the bug :

Using the package i am trying to refresh the access token by calling updateToken method which makes the refreshtoken api request from keyclaok.js. but the request returns Status 400 Bad Request ,then i checked the request in browser tool(network tab),the refresh_token is passed as undefined. I also tried to passed -1 as parameter to the updateToken() which forcefully refresh the token.

access_token expires in : 1 min

Expected behavior :
The updatetoken method should refreshtoken if access token is expiry.

Also Observed

  • Immediately after successfully login OnAuthLogout event is fired
  • the token expired event is not fired even after the token is expired

Thanks in Advance.

Any workaround for the above scenario …?