Upgradation of Keycloak in Kubernetes environment

Hey!What are the right steps that are to be followed for the upgradration of keycloak from 22.0.4 to 24.0.1 on kubernetes environment?

There is a documentation regarding detailed migration steps. I recommend you go over each one starting from version 23.0.0 to see which one affects you .

I was successfully able to upgrade from 22.0.4 to 23.0.7.But when Iā€™m trying to upgrade from 23.0.7 to 24.0.1 or 24.0 the keycloak pod throws error showing Startup probe failed: Get ā€œhttp://ā€: dial tcp connect: connection refused.The image I am specifying is 24.0.1 yet I dont know why the image that is being pulled is nightly.Please help me resolve this issue

I am getting this error in specific in the pods

Changes detected in configuration. Updating the server image. declarative-user-profile is an unrecognized feature, it should be one of [account-api, account2, account3, admin-api, admin-fine-grained-authz, admin2, authorization, ciba, client-policies, client-secret-rotation, client-types, declarative-ui, device-flow, docker, dpop, dynamic-scopes, fips, impersonation, js-adapter, kerberos, linkedin-oauth, login2, multi-site, oid4vc-vci, organization, par, preview, recovery-codes, scripts, step-up-authentication, token-exchange, transient-users, update-email, web-authn]