Upgrading the Keycloak from 3.4.0 to 15.0? and Recommended Stable Keycloak Version (Production Ready)

  • I see a lot of versions released in the span of a year or two - Is there any specific version that we need to consider for Production?
  • My company is using the 3.4.0 Final Version, we are planning to Upgrade the Keycloak to Latest One. Is there any specific version that we need to upgrade first (Ex: 10.0) and then go with the Latest version (Ex: 15.0)? or can we directly upgrade from 3.4.0 to 15.0?
    Thank you for your time, Please help me out on this.

Review these for answers,

@amruthnaveen14 were you able to upgrade to v15? can you please share any hints or gotchas encountered? I’m considering upgrade from v11 to v15 and checking what it would take to do it. I got it running in k8s as a container/pod and going to try bumping the version of container in dev env first, but any hints upfront welcomed much :slight_smile:
Many thanks.