Upgrading to Keycloak 10.0.2 from 3.4.3-final

We are currently using 3.4.3. Final version and we are planning to upgrade to the latest 10.0.2 version.
after building our project we have encountered some compilation problems due to the change package structure of some classes. We were using EntitlementRequest and EntitlementResponse classes for authorization logic but now this API been removed. If this API is removed what is the alternative for this use case.

What are all the things we need to consider when we are migrating to 3.4.3.Final to 10.0.2 version.

Hey @manchala07,

I was also in the same boat about a week ago, for me upgrade was smooth till v9 but somehow keycloak failed to connect the the database in v10.

See this issue

Also, in v6 and above Keycloak No Longer Exposes IDPSSODescriptor config, see this Github issue.

Hey @vikas027,
Thanks for the shared information.

We are facing problem while building out project with Gradle tool.

We have created a wrapper application on top of keycloak with Java api. There were some classes which are removed from 4.0 release onwards and some methods been deprecated from 9.0 version. For the deprecated methods, there is no information of alternatives in the documentation.

Classes that are removed :

Method deprecated in new release but not provided any replacements:

I am very new to keycloak , If anybody helps with good documentation where the above use-cases can be found would be a great helpful.

i am trying to do it from 4.7 to keyclaok 12/ 13, i just tried some performance test around with varied number of realms, for 100 realms it takes about 30 mins, and for 500 realms the migration takes about 3 to 4 hours ( 2 core, 4 gig box).

how long it took for you guys?

Also i see that doing an export and import (json ) is much much faster than direct database migrate.
Any opinion? did you folks too have similar time for migration?

2 years back, i was trying to migrate from 4.5 to 4.7 then too i felt export/import way of doign things is atleast twice as fast as plain db migration .

Between , i use mysql 5.7 ( not sure whats the experiece in postgrest, aurora etc)/