Use case : Using existing realm for bigger use

Hi there,

I’m facing a use case here it is :

We have a realm that was created for a single app, all was good and the realm name has been designed for this specific app (here is the base problem)

Today, unfortunatly we dicovered a second app would require the same user population and is actually doing stuff pretty close from the first one.

I would like to put this new app in my first realm but the realm name is now “weird”, I would like to change it but it seems complicated to change the first app (maintained by another company).

I don’t think there is any way to have a realm alias ?
what would be the best way to manage the realm growth ?

What do you mean created for a single app?
Normally an app in Keycloak means a client for an app under that realm. As the users belong to that realm you have access to them from each of those clients.
As far as I know there is not limit on the number of clients you can create under a realm.

I mean that we made a conception mistake and created a realm specific to an app ans the name of this realm is the name of the app.

today i’m adding another client to this realm but the realm name is not good anymore and i can’t change this name because the first app is maintained by another company.

so I’m looking for a way to clean this error, maybe a way to have a alias to a realm name

I don’t think there is an easy solution to your problem as far as I know.
The only migration path I see is the following, others can correct me if there are easier solutions.

  • Setup a new Keycloak instance in which you create a more generic realm name.
  • Sync users between 2 instances in realm time
  • Bring out an update for the already existing app maintained by the other company to use the new Keycloak instance
  • When all the users from the app maintained by the other company have updated you can bring down the old Keycloak instance

You will need a new instance of Keycloak because a users UUID needs to be unique across the whole instance.
I don’t know why they didn’t make this a unique field on the realm level but they would probably have their reasons.