User Creation Case

Hi guys!
I have an application that already have keycloak up and running with no problems. However, the customer come to us today and asked how can they create new users?

Of course, we can create for them if they send an email to us or we can train someone to create in keycloak console or even create a page in our app to create a CRUD for users that comunicates with keycloak API.

I want to know, what about you guys, how do you use keycloak to create users for customers and what the best practices in the market?

If you have the option to create a page in your own app then I would choose that one.
You keep control that way and can put some checks in place.
If it’s user friendly you also don’t need to give much user support and training.

Do you mean, enable the registration link on the (Keycloak) login page:

User’s can click on the link to create a new account:

See: Angular, OpenID Connect and Keycloak