User Defined Attributes

We are using a few self-created attributes for our own theme which we defined in standalone.xml like:

    <property name="myVariable" value="thisValue"/>

Now while testing v17 on Quarkus I am looking for a way to put those variables into the conf/keycloak.conf file but it seems there are only “allowed” variables possible. I found workarounds by either starting the server via “bin/ start -DmyVariable=thisValue” or by doing “EXPORT myVariable=thisValue” but I would definitely prefer to have the complete config together in the conf/keycloak.conf file.

Is there any syntax (I do not know or is not documented) I can use to create my own variables in the config file?

I don’t think there is a possibility for custom config properties.
But you can set any environment variables, of course. Maybe that’s a way to go for you?

I ended up putting my own environment variables for Keycloak into an extra file by using the systemd service definition for Keycloak:

ExecStart=/opt/keycloak/bin/ start

This way I still have all together in the conf folder, just not in one but in two different files. The environment.conf file itself has entries like: