Using saml in admin Rest api

When I am reading the keycloak admin Rest api doc and also search online, I notice that open ID connect (OIDC) is used, and I cannot find SAML protocol related examples. I am pretty new to keycloak admin Rest. Can someone point me to some examples where SAML protocol is used in the admin Rest api? Thanks!

I recommend to have a look first by using curl or postman and work through the examples. Basically a password grant is used to pick up a token that is then used to authenticate each call.

SAML would in my opinion mean that you authenticate to another IDP and leverage the identity via federation to perform admin tasks - is that what you look for? To me it sounds a bit strange.

OIDC is „simpler“ than SAML as it does have these simple grant options and the calls are secured by userid/password, client Id/secret and finally by the role(s) assigned to the client so that only specific scopes (like manage_users vs. view_users if i do it right from my mind) give your client the necessary features only.

So in the end: perform a request to pick up the token and then perform the requests and send the token as bearer authentication and you are done.

Check the Enhanced Client or Proxy SAML profile (ECP).