V11.0.3 changes?

When navigating to JIRA as linked on the announcement page I’m getting

No issues were found to match your search

Try logging in to see more results.

What are the changes in 11.0.3 vs 11.0.2?

Analogue to that, is there a RSS feed about new releases available?

Try filtering on ‘Affected versions’ -> 11.0.3
Maybe combined with statuses closed and resolved

It seems they don’t use fix version as the fixed version like the rest of the world does.

You can also take a look at https://github.com/keycloak/keycloak/commits/11.0.3 and see what has changed until ‘Set version to 11.0.2’

I think commits (git diff 11.0.2 11.0.3) is about the only way… changelog does not have much detail.

I have observed behavior change in 10.0.2 and slightly different again in 11.0.3 based on when Keycloak IDs (UUIDs) change during LDAP sync. Not sure if this is a config issue (running same config across upgraded versions, but might need adjustment I don’t understand), a bug, or a design intent but it broke some of our apps.

Having detailed changelog for something mission critical like IdP would be nice.