What are the market shares of Keycloak

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I’m looking for IAMs for a thesis and I’m wondering what market share keycloak has.

In the basic research I found results like 1.5 percent.

Are there any official statistics or maybe even better comparisons to other IAMs?

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How did you arrive at 1.5%? What data sources are you using?

What are you measuring? Number of companies/organizations that use it? Number of users represented by an account with some Keycloak installation?

There are some ways of using archive.org or commoncrawl data to match on OIDC well-known configuration endpoints that match the Keycloak URI pattern. We did a similar thing ~2 years ago and were able to discover ~70,000 publicly accessible realms for ~16,000 unique Keycloak installations using this method. However, this doesn’t account for those that 1) weren’t crawled, 2) weren’t saved because of a robots.txt rule, or 3) are not publicly accessible.

We didn’t compare this to other IAM systems, but there are Gartner/Forrester reports that indicate the customer size of commercial offerings in the space. Our best guess based on our own research is the Keycloak is the “iceberg” in the market, with a very small public presence, but is actually adopted far beyond that of other commercial IAM systems.

Once upon a time we advocated for anonymous data collection by Keyclok, both to understand usage and automated error reporting, but it was refused.

Thank you for the detailed answer to a rather atypical question.

I got the figures from these websites, among others, but didn’t find them so trustworthy, so I asked.

I also have the feeling that Keyclaok is the market leader, certainly in open source IAM, but I can’t prove it. The active community, many Git stars and also books about Keycloak speak for it.

We’re also interested to see real data on this. Hope others who have looked into this will share.


FYI the link https://6sense.com/tech/identity-and-access-management/keycloak-market-share gives me a 403. Maybe it is because I’m in the EU? If you have access and can post the content, please do.

I am accessing from Germany, here are some Informations:

Iam only able to upload one image so here is some text too:

Keycloak Customers by Employee Size

The majority of Keycloak’s customers for the identity-and-access-management category fall in the company size of 20 - 49 employees (874 companies), 0 - 9 employees (827 companies), 100 - 249 employees (683 companies).

Keycloak Customers by Geography

The top three geographies of Keycloak for identity-and-access-management are the United States with 1.530(44.07%), Germany with 425(12.24%), Colombia with 376(10.83%) customers respectively.