Where can we get professional consulting?


We’re a company about to deploy a Keycloak installation. We’d like some consulting help mainly to (pay to) ask questions like “How do I do X or have I misunderstood Keycloak and should do Y instead?”.

Also to establish a relationship, so that when we go live and (hopefully don’t) experience problems, we have somebody to call that has more experience than we do.

Where does one look for consulting help? We’re in an EU timezone, but that perhaps doesn’t matter too much. I’ve tried on at least 5 occasions to get in touch with RedHat sales, but they have repeatedly not called me back as they said they would. I’ve now given up.

We’ve also developed a couple of Service Provider Interfaces (SPI) and if possible, if that person also help answer questions like “how do I get an instance of Foo needed to call the Bar interface?” or "what is the difference between a AuthenticationSessionModel and a UserSessionModel" or have at least a little experience with SPIs, that would be even better, but is not required.

We can spend a lot of time trying to get the wrong thing to work… :wink:




CodeCentric helped us a lot (no I’m not working for them), they have excellent consultants with deep Keycloak knowledge.

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Red Hat ( yes I work for them ) also has consulting part: Consulting: IT experts solving tough business problems

Dear Pmorch,

I am a consultant, working on Red Hat tools and experience in implementation of almost every middleware product(Red Hat). One of them is Keycloak if you want any recommendation on it kindly reply directly on mail.

Hi @pmorch,

i just saw your message here now. We, Redpill-Linpro, are a scandinavian based consultancy firm with an office in Copenhagen where i personally also are located. We are also a Red Hat Partner that may be able to help.

Please reach out to us, if you want to give this a shot.
Kind regards

Thank you for all your replies, also those that PM-ed me. I think my itch has been scratched.

Now others can also find you guys if they need consulting.

Thank you Pmorch ,

Ask me any time for any Keycloak queries.