Which Jboss version used in Keycloak-10.0.2

Could someone please help me with the Jboss version used with Keycloak-10.0.2. we are upgrading to keycloak-10.0.2 but our custome modules are not loading by Jboss even the themes folder also.

[org.keycloak.services] (ServerService Thread Pool – 61) java.lang.RuntimeException: org.jboss.modules.ModuleNotFoundException:

Have you rebuild all your custom modules with keycloak-10.0.2?
Also do a comparison of the standalone-ha.xml file of keycloak-10.0.2 against your current one.

Yes @zonaut , I have rebuild all modules and I do not see any change in standalone-ha.xml comparison.
The required modules are there inside keycloak-10.0.2/staging/modules/ folder but server is failing while loading it. the same goes with themes folder also.

Is there any configuration changes that I am missing as part 10.0.2 ? I was trying to find out Jboss version so that I could get tail for any configurations need to be done for new release.

The Wildfly version is always mentioned in the release notes on https://www.keycloak.org/docs/latest/release_notes/

Keycloak 10.x has Wildfly 19 and from 11.x it has Wildfly 20 on board.
Also try to upgrade your Keycloak version to 11 and see if this fixes the modules problem. I don’t follow all bugs but it could be one of them.

Hey @zonaut,
The module found the problem is resolved now. Explicitly adding custom modules using /bin/./jboss-cli.sh has resolved my problem.