Why it is a good idea to chose Keycloak?

In our company we want to start a new project, which is going to use SAML. We have some options when it comes to the Identity Access Management, and one of the is Keycloak. Previously we have used OpenAm Forge Rock. But we want to change it…

I tried to research about pros of using Keycloak, but there isn’t something convincing out there.

So my question is: What are the pros of using Keycloak comparing to the other access management tools?

MY reason for chosing keycloak were:

  • OAuth / OpenID Connect AND SAML out of the box
  • user federation - able to combine several authentication backends
  • costomizations are relatively easy to implement (did it):
    • theming (adapted login theme and account management theme)
    • authentication backend (using my own authentication provider)
    • transformers for the OpenID Tokens (used it to be compatible to Microprofile JWT and to embed data from our address database)
  • definition of login flows is really flexible

To be honest: I didn´t check out many alternatives. Because I just downloaded ist, started a test server, got a test application running … and it got all we needed.