Acr: 0 vs. acr: 1 - imported realms

I have imported a realm from one keycloak server onto another. In the source server after signing my bearer token includes the claim acr: 1 and everything works fine. When I connect to the copied server I can sign in successfully but my bearer tokens include the claim acr: 0.

I believe these realms to be identical (as one is simply imported from the other) with the exception of users, but I cannot get past my JWT validation and some of my keycloak requests seem to fail for the copied server. As far as I have found thus far the only difference in requests from either server is the acr claim.

Is there any value in the keycloak server/realm/user that directly corresponds to this acr claim? (I am on keycloak 7.0.)

I did not resolve this specific question, but my issue was that my public key changed when I imported (or due to something I did accidentally)