API call received: unknown_error 403 Forbidden

I have a realm called 1234. I used the 1234’s user to retrieve the token. And then I used Postman to send the post request to the following URL. I got the following error. Any suggestion?
403 Forbidden:
“error”: “unknown_error”

Send the details of the POST request you’re making so we can help debug.

Also, you should lose the <> around the realm name. It should just be http://<your host>/auth/admin/realms/1234/roles.

An example POST request to create a new role (I’m assuming that’s what you’re trying to do). Looks like this:

curl http://localhost:8080/auth/admin/realms/1234/roles \
    --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
    --header "Accept: application/json" \
    --header "Authorization: Bearer $(./token.sh)" \
    --data "{ \"name\": \"somerole\", \"description\": \"somedescription\" }"

(The script in there $(./token.sh) just calls another script that retrieves the user’s token. You can replace that with your token.)

Sorry, I made a mistake in my original post, the calling method on the roles API was actually GET. I just wanted to get a simple get working first. I used Postman doing HTTP call directly instead of CLI approach.