Authorization services how to debug javascript policy using print

Where do debug print statements in my JavaScript based policy output? I’m running keycloak on a Windows machine if that matters.

I created a new JS policy following this doc But now I’d like to debug the policy and would like to see at runtime the context attributes but I can’t figure out where “print” is getting output. I looked in
KEYCLOAK_HOME\standalone\log\service-20200327.log and in server.log in the same folder but I don’t see my “print” output.

My JS policy is:
var context = $evaluation.getContext();
var contextAttributes = context.getAttributes();
if (!contextAttributes.containsValue(‘’, ‘’)) {

Misconfiguration. I was able to find the JS policy “print” output. It’s in server.log (or whatever is capturing keycloak’s stdout). The output wasn’t appearing originally because the authorization client lacked a permission using the newly created javascript-based policy.