Can I retrieve both client and realm roles at the same time in Spring Boot?

I’m brand new to Keycloak. I’m integrating it with Spring Boot. I’m able to use Keycloak as my authn/authz provider. Everything is working as expected so far except for how the roles are handled in the application.

I’ve created a realm that I intend to use with multiple applications which will likely each have their own client. However, in Spring Boot’s configuration I can set use-resource-role-mappings to true and retrieve the client roles only or set it to false and retrieve the realm roles only.

Is there a way to configure Spring Boot so that my client retrieves both the client and realm role mappings? Or is there a way to configure the server to include both when sending the response to the client? I don’t care whether the roles are actually from the realm or the client; I simply want to retrieve a set containing both of them.