Can't load the Admin UI


I’m trying to set up a simple keycloak production configuration on a Windows 2022 server (every external components that will use keycloak will be on the same server).

I followed the “Configuring Keycloak for production” guide.
My parameters are specified on the start command. Here is the start command console output :

kc.bat start --optimized --https-certificate-file=D:\\certificats\\\\PEM\\ --https-certificate-key-file=D:\\certificats\\\\KEY\\ --hostname=LWSIG01 --db-url-host=localhost --db-username=esign --db-password xxxxxxx
"Appending additional Java properties to JAVA_OPTS:"
2023-10-26 11:56:53,065 INFO  [org.keycloak.quarkus.runtime.hostname.DefaultHostnameProvider] (main) Hostname settings: Base URL: <unset>, Hostname: LWSIG01, Strict HTTPS: true, Path: <request>, Strict BackChannel: false, Admin URL: <unset>, Admin: <request>, Port: -1, Proxied: false
2023-10-26 11:56:56,139 WARN  [io.quarkus.agroal.runtime.DataSources] (main) Datasource <default> enables XA but transaction recovery is not enabled. Please enable transaction recovery by setting quarkus.transaction-manager.enable-recovery=true, otherwise data may be lost if the application is terminated abruptly
2023-10-26 11:56:57,979 WARN  [org.infinispan.PERSISTENCE] (keycloak-cache-init) ISPN000554: jboss-marshalling is deprecated and planned for removal
2023-10-26 11:56:58,269 INFO  [org.infinispan.CONTAINER] (keycloak-cache-init) ISPN000556: Starting user marshaller 'org.infinispan.jboss.marshalling.core.JBossUserMarshaller'
2023-10-26 11:56:58,553 INFO  [org.infinispan.CLUSTER] (keycloak-cache-init) ISPN000088: Unable to use any JGroups configuration mechanisms provided in properties {}. Using default JGroups configuration!
2023-10-26 11:57:02,206 INFO  [org.infinispan.CLUSTER] (keycloak-cache-init) ISPN000078: Starting JGroups channel `ISPN`
2023-10-26 11:57:02,221 INFO  [org.jgroups.JChannel] (keycloak-cache-init) local_addr: d22ff311-1ee0-46e2-b420-ab75a706f6f2, name: LWSIG01-29953
2023-10-26 11:57:02,427 INFO  [org.jgroups.protocols.FD_SOCK2] (keycloak-cache-init) server listening on *.36265
2023-10-26 11:57:04,432 INFO  [org.jgroups.protocols.pbcast.GMS] (keycloak-cache-init) LWSIG01-29953: no members discovered after 2002 ms: creating cluster as coordinator
2023-10-26 11:57:04,447 INFO  [org.infinispan.CLUSTER] (keycloak-cache-init) ISPN000094: Received new cluster view for channel ISPN: [LWSIG01-29953|0] (1) [LWSIG01-29953]
2023-10-26 11:57:04,549 INFO  [org.infinispan.CLUSTER] (keycloak-cache-init) ISPN000079: Channel `ISPN` local address is `LWSIG01-29953`, physical addresses are `[]`
2023-10-26 11:57:04,563 WARN  [org.infinispan.CONFIG] (keycloak-cache-init) ISPN000569: Unable to persist Infinispan internal caches as no global state enabled
2023-10-26 11:57:05,206 INFO  [org.keycloak.connections.infinispan.DefaultInfinispanConnectionProviderFactory] (main) Node name: LWSIG01-29953, Site name: null
2023-10-26 11:57:05,224 INFO  [] (main) Registering class
2023-10-26 11:57:07,705 INFO  [io.quarkus] (main) Keycloak 22.0.5 on JVM (powered by Quarkus 3.2.7.Final) started in 17.344s. Listening on:
2023-10-26 11:57:07,707 INFO  [io.quarkus] (main) Profile prod activated.
2023-10-26 11:57:07,708 INFO  [io.quarkus] (main) Installed features: [agroal, cdi, hibernate-orm, jdbc-h2, jdbc-mariadb, jdbc-mssql, jdbc-mysql, jdbc-oracle, jdbc-postgresql, keycloak, logging-gelf, micrometer, narayana-jta, reactive-routes, resteasy, resteasy-jackson, smallrye-context-propagation, smallrye-health, vertx]

The initial administrator credentials are set as env variables.

I open the UI with a local browser (https://lwsig01:8443/) but when i try to access the Administration Console, i’m bloqued on the “Loading the Admin UI” screen.

I havn’t any error on my browser console.

Can you help me to find what i missed plz ?

See this umbrella issue, perhaps it will help you:

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Thx for your answer Dasniko, i take a look.

I found the issue.
I entered a hostname in upercase in my start command. With the hostname parametre in lowercase, i can now access the admin UI.


Thanks A lot!!! @fdesma.
I was stuck with this issue since 5 days.
After changing hostname to lowercase resolved my issue.
Thanks again for your valuable suggestion. :slight_smile: