Captain-P-Goldfish's SCIM module for Keycloak or other solutions?

Hello everyone,

Has anyone tried this module? I need to make Keycloak SCIM-compatible to sync with Cloud products. I succeeded in installing the theme but… nothing seemed to happen (the Cloud couldn’t sync, but SAML-SSO was still working so, I don’t know what’s missing).

I read somewhere that someone tried to make a SCIM wrapper for Keycloak and that it worked but I can’t find any example.

Do you have some path of thoughts/documentation that could direct me in the right direction, please?

The Cloud products are the Atlassian ones by the way (Jira Cloud etc.).

Thanks in advance,



the scim-for-keycloak module is currently not supporting client side of SCIM. It actually supports the same part as atlassian does, the server side. To add the client-side I would need to add several authentication protocols to be configurable so that the SCIM module would be able to connect to atlassian as a client.

The module works but only as server so it will only receive pushes not sending them.


@DylanPokun what you asked is exactly what am looking for right now. Did you get any solution for that. I mean using user provisioning(SCIM) for atlassian cloud(jira and confluence). What did you do exactly?

@Captain-P-Goldfish Does it still work the same way upto now?

Sorry for the late reply, did not receive an email.
I saw that keycloak is currently developing new user storage types but I did not look into them yet, so up until now its still not possible to provision users and groups from keycloak to another system.


Hi…By using this module in Keycloak can we do user provisioning(add, edit, delete) from other systems into Keycloak…