Changing and deploying existing themes in Keycloak 21

Hi all,

I have a custom theme running in a Keycloak 21 instance. Now I´ve made some small changes in a JavaScript file within the theme. I did not change the theme name, only the content.

Now I´m really struggling to deploy the changed theme to Keycloak. The only way, to make the changes appear in the browser is as follows:

  1. Shutting down Keycloak
  2. Overwriting the old theme in /providers with the new one
  3. Changing fields ID and UPDATE_TIME in database table MIGRATION_MODEL of the used cache
  4. Starting Keycloak

All other ways do not seem to work:

  • Running build and restart Keycloak
  • Disabling caching via command line arguments
  • Manually deleting the data/tmp/kc-gzip-cache directory

Is this really the only way to deploy a new version of a theme? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance