Client adapter for Tomcat 10


I am currently using Tomcat 10 and plan to connect to Keycloak(18.0.1) via OpenID connect.
Currently, I can’t find the Java Adapter for Tomcat 10 on the download site.
How do I get a Java Adapter for Tomcat 10?

Client Adapters

The Tomcat adapter - along with others - has been deprecated and is no longer maintained:

The information you’ve provided is already available on the downloads page.

Is there any support page or documentation that tells us what to do with Tomcat 10 for Client Adapters or does Tomcat 10 natively support KeyCloak’s OIDC and SAML integration? What is the direction here?

Because sooner or later it’ll be Tomcat 10 all over.


It depends on your Java application - what we did is use the servlet filter KeycloakOIDCFilter: