Client Display Based on Role

I am looking to restrict client display based on Role, and wanted to see if this is a capability of Keycloak. For example, I have a single Realm with two Clients. User A has access to both Clients, while User B has access to only Client B. I want to set it up so that when User B logs in, they only see Client B. Can this be accomplished with Keycloak? Thank you.

You can review this custom SPI for restricting access:

Nevertheless, I don’t recommend applying access control on the IdP level. I prefer implementing the Police Enforcement Point (PEP) at the application or API level

Thank you for the reply, @embesozzi. This is close, but not exactly what I’m after. It doesn’t look like this is quite what I’m after though, as this doesn’t look like it will allow you to restrict by role.