Condition - User Attribute

I am working on an Authentication Flow and would like to use the “Condition - User Attribute” as described in manual at Server Administration Guide … but in my servers (all either v11.0.3 or v12.0.4) this “Execution Provider” is not listed / does not exist.

How do I get that enabled or configured? Or what am I doing wrong here resp. what are the pre-conditions for “Condition - User Attribute”?

I’m looking for this feature too. I looked at the source and it did not seem to be implemented yet (though there appear to be test harnesses for it so, maybe, I just don’t know what to look for…)

Anyone know the status of this feature?

I opened a JIRA ticket with Red Hat and got the answer that it is already implemented / fixed and will work in v13.

Any updates on this ?

I am using v14 and the authenticator is still unavailable.

The Conditional user attribute is only implemented as testcase but not as ConditionlAuthenticatorFactory and can’t used in the flow! Why?

Thanks for your initiative. The fix will be included in the next Keycloak version (KC 18) and it’s already merged in the latest upstream main branch.

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