Create user via Rest api


Im Stuck on the Realm Management configuration / user creation.

I have a Service in a Bearer-only mode that calls the keycloak rest api to create a new user.
Then I created a Registration access token and I put it in side my app

Then, try it inside my app, I do the following things :

Response response ="").path("realms").path("myrealm").path("users")
.header("Authorization", "Bearer " + bearer) //where bearer is the `Registration access token`
.post(Entity.entity(new User("to...@toto.toto"), MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_TYPE));

And I get the following response:

<html><head><title>Error</title></head><body>403 - Forbidden</body></html>

For me 401 mean : Im authenticate but the resources is not under my permission
403 mean : Im not authenticate and try to access protected resources
Maybe I dont have the right token, and I need to ask for a token but when I do it I have a response like bearer-only not allowed
Or maybe I dont have the correct right inside Realm management, So I try to add it everywhere inside client/realm-management/Authorization/permissions but the same issue occurs

Have you ideas ?

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First, how you’re authenticating the client?
You need to verify if the user at token that you’re providing has permissions to create users, such admin or realm-management.

Go to clients > (Current client that generate the token) > Roles