Creating an Identity Provider Mapper

We are working on creating identity provider mapper via the POST api.

We would like to understand if keycloak breaks for the below mentioned scenarios.

  1. we have verified that the API accepts any role under config. But does it break keycloak - as in does keycloak stops working?
  2. The “claim.value” is a group Id which corresponds to Azure. This field again accepts any input.

Sample payload

	"name": "Test",                                           
	"identityProviderAlias": "testalias",									
	"identityProviderMapper": "oidc-role-idp-mapper",           
	"config": {
		"syncMode": "FORCE",									
		"claim": "groups",                                       
		"role": "test role",                                    
		"claim.value": "<GUID>" 

Any help would be appreciated.