Custom Application -> Keycloak Identity Brokering -> Okta Authentication

Hello, i was able able to do authentication with Okta, able to get proper SAML response also but request is not redirecting to my application, on resending the same request i was able to access my application.

Below are steps …

  1. Created realm, users in Keycloak, same users exist in Okta as well.
  2. Created client with protocol openId-connect
  3. Created Identity Provider - SAML 2.0 for Okta Identity Provider
  4. Created another client with protocol SAML
  5. On accessing my application, skipping keycloak login and redirected to Okta login page
  6. After login into Okta, authentication is successful and request is not redirect to my application.
    SAML response message is having valid details
  7. But if resend the same request again i was able to access my application.

Hello @pratapkonakala, I am trying to implement something similar. Did you get this to work?
In my case, the user logs in to okta, clicks on the SSO application that we have created, and that takes the user and automatically logs in to keycloak and our application. Wondering if this workflow works for you. Let me know.