Custom Javascript Authenticator Provider

I have gone through the JS provider and followed it to create a custom authenticator. The thing is the script is not getting listed in Providers section in server info as was my understanding that it should. Am I looking at the wrong place? I did only provide the authenticators in the json file and not the policies and mappers as I did not understand what would go inside them.

I am trying to create a custom authenticator for one of our clients who are on an LDAP server and will not provide an admin user for the keycloak’s user federation via ldap. The best they can do is provide an API endpoint which can be used to query if the credentials given by the user are valid. So wanted to create a custom authenticator that would hit the API endpoint with the credentials and on success, somehow generate the token for the application.

Looking at other possibilities as well but thought JS provider might be able to solve it for us.

P.S. - Let me know if extra info is needed as I might have missed something.

I was having exactly the same issue. I built a jar as described in the latest doc (not using upload) but it didn’t show up. I had to add this to the command line:


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