Embedded keycloak for wildfly AS (v11)

Hi all;
first time here. looking at the possible keycloak deployments.
currently we have a monolith App running on wildfly 11. we want to add keycloak auth to it…
my preffered option is to find out if there is an option to embedd, in process, keycloak into my existing wildfly 11 AS (until I break the monolith it will help me to deploy like this)
is this an existing option for this? I did not find anything in the docs - just found an article of spring and embedded keycloak but im not using spring…
BTW, we are running openjdk 8…

Running Keycloak as an embedded something might be possible. But it’s recommended to run Keycloak as a standalone instance and secure the applications via standard protocols or the available adapters.
If you run an embedded Keycloak, you probably won’t find anybody answering you any questions if something won’t work.
Just don’t do it.

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