Group attribute mapping

I have a Keycloak that will contain users of which the information may come from different sources. The sources I currently mostly worry about are LDAP services. For each of those, the group attributes are contain the same data, but may be differently named (for legacy support reasons changing them at the source is not going to happen). What I want to do is to translate the group attribute from the way they are called in LDAP (e.g. “MylocalAttribute1”) to an attribute in Keycloak with a differnet name (e.g. “Attribute1”) with the same value.

For user attributes there is the user-attribute-ldap-mapper that basically does what I want, but only seems to work on user attributes. It looks like I cannot write script mappers for those things, after ativating script mappers :slight_smile: . Is there a (preferrably easy :wink: ) way to achieve this?