How to change “Update Account Information” page

Hello everyone.

When testing my app, after I login for the first time with external IDP, using my social account,
I get redirected to a “Update Account Information” page.

but I want to redirect to my own custom update account page (not using login-update-profile.ftl) not this default “Update Account Information” page.

so my question is
: Is there any way to redirect to a specific url I want not default “Update Account Information” page when I first login with IDP?

I’m using Keycloak 20.0.1, the client uses OIDC.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Custom template builded by your SPI plugin can be configured in realm or client - in login theme.

Structure of template plugin:

  • /login = login template
  • /account = identity profile

If your login template will be empty, it will be derived from keycloak.v2 template. Same as for account.

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Hi Blarne.
Thanks for the answer. It was very helpful.

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@Blarne following your recommendations I write this post:

Thank you!