How to load in Keycloak.X?

I am a newbie. I try to migrate a Keycloak (Wildfly) extension project (SPI provider) to version 18.0.0.
There are some which are not loaded using Keycloak.X. Instead the of keycloak-quarkus-server are returned when I try to load them by:

Properties props = new Properties();
try {
} catch() {}

These props are loaded: {quarkus.package.main-class=keycloak, quarkus.package.user-providers-directory=…/providers, quarkus.package.output-name=keycloak, quarkus.package.output-directory=lib, quarkus.package.type=mutable-jar}

How can I achieve to load the custom properties in the provider code’s

Is it possible to use %dev, %prod etc.?

Sorry for the maybe silly question. It took me the whole day and I am confused by so many docs I read, google, trials etc. :upside_down_face:
Thank you!

Reply and solution for my question:

The answer is simple. The classloader searches the at first in the quarkus-server packages - and finds them there! So it doesn’t continue the search in the custom provider packages…

The solution is to rename the something differently e.g. → then the load process is successful


------- Side note:
The profile management of quarkus doesn’t seem to work, so in my approach I needed a separate properties file for each profile: The Quarkus server’s profile was able to read by the
import io.quarkus.runtime.configuration.ProfileManager;
log.infof(“Profile is: %s”, ProfileManager.getActiveProfile());
To import the class I needed to include (in build.gradle) the dependency
implementation group: ‘io.quarkus’, name: ‘quarkus-keycloak’, version: ‘0.23.2’

A hack? Maybe. As said I am new here. Experts could propose THE solution to load properties and profiles. So don’t be shy !