Keycloak 18 with docker in cluster mode - guide required

As a developer (not operator) i have a lot of problems to configure a server cluster with keycloak in cluster mode for a production environment.

Is there a guide how setup a linux server cluster and keylcoak in cluster mode?
Or is there a manged provider out there to just use keycloak?

Hi @buerobuettner For your cluster you are planning to use JDBC Ping?

well … i guess i dont plan anything.
I have tried to configure on my own, but it is way to complicated and unsafe in production mode as a no-Ops guys!
So i am looking for a fully managed solution…
Do you have any suggestions?

Let me ask differently… Have you experimented JDBC Ping while trying to configure it by yourself, a mode where you use a relational database so that Keycloak instances can discover each other?

For instance, I’ve created this project keycloak-clustered where I do it. You don’t need to use the keycloak-custered image, but you can base on how it was implemented config files, for instance, cache-ispn-jdbc-ping.xml and Dockerfile.

no sorry…
I just tried default keycloak operator settings and allready failed to configure SSL stuff…

I already deploy keycloak cluster on docker cross-host using docker image “jboss/keycloak:latest” and for discovery protocol TCPPING.
Now i’m trying to migrate keycloak to latest version 18.0.2 using docker image “Quay”. is there a way to configure this image with TCPPING for cluster discovery?

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