Keycloak clustering is not working

Hello Team,

I have enabled clustering in keycloak according to the official documentation. All the related configurations are done and made the setup up. When setup A and setup B is running on the same host the clustering and failover cases are working as expected. When i move setup A to host 1 and setup B to host 2 clustering stops working. According to the documentation i have done the troubleshooting and enabled multicast configurations , but even after that no luck. I can see according to the logs both the setup are running in cluster mode. Issue is when i got an access token from setup A and when validate request lands on setup B, response says token not valid. Not getting what i am missing here, can somebody helps on this please ?

Setup configuration details

Operation mode - Standalone cluster mode
load balancer/reverse proxy - nginx
Datasource - Both instances points to same mysql datasource


I am able to see below logs in both the nodes


Received new cluster view for channel ejb: [keycloak_node_1|1] (2) [keycloak_node_1, keycloak_node_2]


Received new cluster view for channel ejb: [keycloak_node_1|1] (2) [keycloak_node_1, keycloak_node_2]