Keycloak Deployment level customizations

We are planning to deploy the keycloak in kubernetes cluster so after the deployment we don’t interested in login admin and creating client and user roles and other customizations ,so my question is there anyway for doing all the admin configurations in the deployment time unless login as admin do the changes

Thank you for the support ,I need to configure on deployment time some other admin level things also like
Password Policy, Direct Access Grant Flow changing, Access Token Life time and ,Email Configurations,Client roles and role mapping so shall those things also above you mentioned way?

You should try out this project GitHub - adorsys/keycloak-config-cli: Import YAML/JSON-formatted configuration files into Keycloak - Configuration as Code for Keycloak. I think it’s what you’re looking for.
I’m using it on my own project, it allows you to inject json config files into Keycloak during deployment. You can use exported Keycloak config as a start, then customize it regarding your needs. You can include files, use env vars for dynamic configuration and many other things. Very handy.

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