Keycloak fail to send OTP SMS after java patching

We are using Keycloak 4.5.0 to authorise and authenticate user access to application, and Keycloak send OTP SMS to user input in order to access application. After patching the jdk1.8.0_291 to jdk1.8.0_381, Keycloak fails to send OTP SMS. It works after we rollback.

We were not able to resolve this for almost a year. We need advice please.

That’s a really old version of Keycloak. If you are looking for support on a specific extension for a very old version, I’d suggest reaching out to the author to see if they will provide some kind of commercial support. What you’re asking for is very environment specific, and requires replicating your old setup, which would take a few hours.

Also, if you’re looking for advice, one way to start would be to share logs and any other debugging information you can. The likelihood that anyone is running that Keycloak version, that JDK version, and whatever SMS extension you are running is near zero, so more information is better.

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Thanks, xgp. Trying to figure out how to upload the log. Pasted the log info here but it prompted that I reached the max no. of links. Thanks again.

There is no SMS OTP in Keycloak by default, so whatever is happening in your application to handle that functionality must be a custom implementation. So the issue for sure is not in Keycloak, but in your own implementation of SMS OTP, so not sure you will ever get useful advice here.

Also that version is so ancient that you will not even find the migration guides :slight_smile: Good luck with the migration to the latest versions! Will be quite complicated from my own experiences