Keycloak google identity provider logout scenario


I added the google identity-provider in the keycloak and integrated with UI, handled keycloak redirections with my UI application in angular.
i’m using keycloak-angular package,
when i Login using google-sign-in option on keycloak redirected screen, also then if i did not signed-in with google in browser then it asks for the google username and password

but when if i logout from my UI application then my application is logged-out but if i tried login again with google then it directly logged-in me to the application, i.e. it used already sign-in google session in the browser

Expected Result:
SO as per our requirement, when we sign-out using the UI application, it shold also logout the google account that used for this login from browser

we’ve gone through the keycloak documentation but didn’t get proper solution yet
we tried the backchannel-logout
by setting backchannel logout URL in keycloak realm client as per syntax provided

but it didn’t worked for US it sill uses the already sign-in google account from browser

is there any proper workaround or solution to handle this logout scenario?

Thank in advance

I’m not sure google supports centralized logout via OIDC.

You can, if you want, force google logout using a url like this

Hello @weltonrodrigo

Thanks for you response.

What about the backchannel logout in keycloak?
does this backchannel logout can be used to logout the google account from browser