Keycloak-keycloak federation

Hello everyone.
I have one central keycloak, where all users are. All new registered users go there. Also i have several applications, each of them has it’s own keycloak. The idea is to make one central management point and to be able to provide customers their own keycloak (to manage another keycloaks :slight_smile: )
First I was thinking about Identity provider (to configure central keycloak as keycloak-openID-connect), but this variant is not situable for me, because it cannot sync users.
F.e. on central keycloak I have User1. This User1 should be member of groups Group1 and Group3. Also I have secondary keycloaks (Keycloak1 for applicationA, Keycaloak2 for applicationB and so on). Finally I want User1 to be synced to Keycloak1 and Keycloak3. With LDAP it is easy, but I don’t use LDAP))
So, is there a variant, how to make keycloak-keycloak federation?

Interesting use-case, I am also considering having a central keycloak and then a keycloak for each backend.

Did you find a solution?