Keycloak saml redirection issue for https

I am using keycloak as an idp for my springboot api (runnign in 8080 port) with saml security. for http it is working fine. for https after authentication it is redirecting to keycloak (running 8443/login) idp instead of returning back to my API.

my configurations arebelow. Can anyone please suggest what changes I need to make? It is working perfectly for HTTP.

“clientId”: “",
“name”: "
“description”: “”,
“rootUrl”: “https://localhost:8080”,
“adminUrl”: “”,
“baseUrl”: “”,
“surrogateAuthRequired”: false,
“enabled”: true,
“alwaysDisplayInConsole”: false,
“clientAuthenticatorType”: “client-secret”,
“redirectUris”: [

“webOrigins”: ,
“notBefore”: 0,
“bearerOnly”: false,
“consentRequired”: false,
“standardFlowEnabled”: true,
“implicitFlowEnabled”: false,
“directAccessGrantsEnabled”: true,
“serviceAccountsEnabled”: false,
“publicClient”: true,
“frontchannelLogout”: true,
“protocol”: “saml”,
“attributes”: {
“saml.assertion.signature”: “true”,
“”: “true”,
“saml_single_logout_service_url_post”: “/saml/logout”,
“saml.encrypt”: “false”,
“saml_assertion_consumer_url_post”: “/saml/SSO”,
“saml.server.signature”: “true”,
“saml.server.signature.keyinfo.ext”: “false”,
“saml.signing.certificate”: “hidden”,
“saml.artifact.binding.identifier”: “hidden”,
“saml.artifact.binding”: “false”,
“saml.signature.algorithm”: “RSA_SHA256”,
“saml_force_name_id_format”: “false”,
“saml.server.signature.keyinfo$xmlSigKeyInfoKeyNameTransformer”: “KEY_ID”,
“saml.client.signature”: “false”,
“”: “false”,
“saml.authnstatement”: “true”,
“display.on.consent.screen”: “false”,
“saml_name_id_format”: “email”,
“saml.signing.private.key”: “hidden”,
“saml.allow.ecp.flow”: “false”,
“saml_signature_canonicalization_method”: “Exclusive XML Canonicalization Version 1.0”,
“saml.onetimeuse.condition”: “false”
“authenticationFlowBindingOverrides”: {},
“fullScopeAllowed”: true,
“nodeReRegistrationTimeout”: -1,
“defaultClientScopes”: [
“optionalClientScopes”: ,
“access”: {
“view”: true,
“configure”: true,
“manage”: true

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i referred this link and tried those changes still i am facing same issue