Keycloak upgrade to version 20 standalone.xml example

Hello. I need to upgrade keycloak version 15 to version 20 and as you know this consists of also changing the standalone.xml file from having jboss and wildfly configurations to having quarkus configurations. I’ve searched high and wide and could not find an example standalone.xml file or template for version 20 (with quarkus).

Can someone help with such an example?

The Quarkus based distribution doesn’t have a standalone.xml anymore. The way of configuration has changed completely, please refer to the new guides on the website.


@dasniko Is there an example configuration file in the documentation? For Keycloak 20 I still haven’t found anything in the Github repository, all the examples are old, from 2016-2018.

Is it so hard? Guides - Keycloak

I’d start with the link below. With Quarkus, Keycloak the config is built into the deployment instead of maintained separately

Migrating to Quarkus distribution

Hi, did you found a solution for that?

Hehe prepare to have fun! I worked more than 2 months to switch from Keycloak 19 Wildfly to Keycloak 19 Quarkus as A LOT of stuff changed.

My advice is (if you have any non-trivial keycloak, ours was not as we have PLENTY of customizations by implementing custom SPIs) to jump first from Keycloak 15 or whatever version you are now on to Keycloak 19 Wildfly and then switch to Quarkus 19, and only then once you are sure your Quarkus Keycloak works as before to jump to newer versions. Will not be easy, I can tell you that, but it is a fun process and you really learn a lot.

So I would highly suggest such an approach. Of course that you can jump directly to Keycloak 22 if you are brave enough, but I would really really not recommend as there are quite a few changes.