Login into a specific realm

When I access the Keycloak login page, and click on administration console → Login into master realm

I believe this is for admin access and control into the whole Keycloak instance.

Inside I created 2 realms, c9 and shiru.

In a similar way, I want to log in as admin to c9 and shiru (so that later I can give the admin access to these realms to the respective tenants and then they can control and manage roles for their applications).

How can I achieve the same?


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Did you ever get an answer for this? It’s a good question, but there doesn’t appear to be a good out-of-the-box answer for it. Community: Anyone know the answer to this?? Basically want to be able to have a landing page for each Realm.

There is the account console for each realm hosted under https://<kc url>/realms/<realmname>/account/ and the individual admin console for each realm hosted unter https://<kc url>/admin/<realmname>/console

For the admin console you just need to assing the appropriate admin-console client roles to the respective users to manage that particular realm.

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Thanks, @ThoreKr - - just over thinking it I guess.